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Newsletter – January 2020

Wishing you a wonderful 2020

2019 was an exciting and challenging year, and be sure that 2020 won’t be different. Trade wars, climate change, migration, technological disruptions, and in the middle of it all are you, informing, supporting and coaching your members. Keep up the good work! We wish you a sparkling, joyful and healthy New Year and we hope that we can help you realise the ambitions for your Chamber in 2020!

The new BLCCA brochure is there!

The new BLCCA brochure is there!
Many thanks to all of you who gave us your input and testimonials for the new BLCCA brochure. The brochure is available in English and French and ready to be sent to you.
It is our way of sharing the merits of our bilateral chambers and we hope it can help you recruit new members.

Doing business with Luxembourg

Luxembourg Trade & Invest’s key focus areas are to attract direct foreign investment to Luxembourg and facilitate access to international markets for Luxembourg based companies. To reach its goals, Luxembourg Trade & Invest works with many different partners and greatly values the support from the BLCCA network located around the world. Check their online resources page and see how your chamber can contribute to the Luxembourg success story. Read more.

Strong growth in BLCCA subsidies by Luxembourg Chamber

In 2019, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce granted € 28.310 to 5 bilateral chambers for projects that put Luxembourg in the spotlight. This was a 66% increase compared to 2018. Does your Chamber want to give some extra attention to Luxembourg in 2020? Contact Edith or Diana to discuss your ideas.

BLCCA Academy, 26/06/2020

Our annual BLCCA Academy will take place in Brussels on 26/06, immediately after the FIT Exportbeurs (23-25/06). We will start with a dinner on 25/06. The focus of this year’s Academy will be on workshops, exchange of best practices and individual chamber-to-chamber meetings. For those of you who will not attend the FIT Exportbeurs, we will look into a visit programme on 25/06.

The power of our network

“Hi Michel, this morning I met the company XXX. They were very enthusiastic about your services, which made my job a lot easier to convince them in taking their address for France at our Chamber. The power of the network! Best regards, Patricia”
How nice to hear these stories. And I’m sure there are plenty more out there. Let’s hear them. Like the African saying goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


06/05       BLCCA Steering committee, Luxembourg

15/05       Board meeting & General assembly Belgian Chambers, Brussels

23-25/06 Group stand at FIT Exportbeurs, Brussels

26/06       BLCCA Academy, Brussels

16/09       Presidents’ dinner hosted by Mr Branders, President Belgian Chambers

12/10       BLCCA Steering committee, Brussels

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