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Alfi Global Distribution Conference 25-26 September 2018 Luxembourg

The ALFI Global Distribution Conference, now in its 27th edition, is designed as a unique platform to enable participants from all over the world to share knowledge and exchange experiences on major trends and opportunities in global fund distribution.

A true distributor-centric conference which no-one involved in distribution should miss, this year’s gathering will deliver an innovative and unique programme. The two-day programme will present insightful and thought-provoking subjects for discussion on the latest key issues in the global fund distribution space, primarily focusing on the views and priorities of the fund distributors themselves.

Highlights of the agenda

– Looking back at three decades of global success
– Looking forward to even further enhanced cross-border distribution

* Third countries – What now?

* Promising and future distribution markets
– Focus on Latin America
– Focus on South East Asia

* A discussion with NICSA and HKIFA

* Tools to make distribution easier
– Transformational technology
– FinTech solutions for AML

* Does sustainability help you sell?

* A futuristic view of economic developments

* Future product trends

* 2nd edition of the MackayWilliams Distribution Achievement awards

ALFI 30th birthday celebration

Six reasons why this is an unmissable event

* Network with 650+ senior representatives of the global fund distribution community from 30+ countries worldwide

* Learn about industry trends and the latest developments in the global fund distribution landscape

* Get tangible takeaways and key references that you can use in your day-to-day business to support your growth and success

* Meet the fund distributors who provide a global reach of investment funds to investors in 70+ countries where funds are sold

* Engage with the unique community of ALFI, which represents the largest global distribution centre for investment funds

* Join us for the 2nd annual ‘MackayWilliams Distribution Achievement awards’ series

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